Friday, January 14, 2011

Kanye West and Jay Z Follow Up

This is a follow up to my previous post about a new Jay Z and Kanye West song. 
I am sorry to announce that I am fairly disappointed. Here are a few reasons I'm not a fan of this latest song:

Language Please. Seriously, this song has some ridiculously foul language. Kanye West comes across as a downright douche. Some of there lyrics are very racist and and the amount of respect for women is pretty much as low as you can get.

Producer. I was hoping that this track would be produced by Kanye, since he does a lot of his own work, but unfortunately it was produced by another guy named Lex Luger. I guess Luger is a pretty popular producer but this sing just seems so cliche. He obviously pulled from Kanye's ideas on Dark Twisted Fantasy by putting an opera singer in the back but the effect just isn't nearly as good. Basically there is nothing new here that hasn't been done before.

On Topic. This song seriously jumps around all over the place when it comes to subject matter. In one song we hear about a buy's nephew dying, how big his bank account is, how hardcore the rapper is, how most rappers are posers, and somehow a Japanese fashion brand got called "fresh" in the mix. I don't thing you can relate all of these things, especially not in a clear fluid manner. Over all the lyrics just seem like a bunch of rushed ideas thrown together in a quick single.

If you still want to buy and listen to this song be my guest, just click below.


  1. Whenever a song refers to women as property, you know the people singing it are pretty low class (and it also means that I hate the song). Also putting a mundane amount of cuss words in it is really pointless, its truly shows how mainstream the song is because they were pulling areas of there demographic (mostly younger kids because they think listening to songs with a preposterous amount of cuss words in it is cool which causes them to buy the song).

  2. i appreciate that you still included a link to buy it. i wouldn't.