Sunday, January 23, 2011

Using the iPad for School // Dropbox

One of the most useful things I've found for all of my schoolwork is a little program called Dropbox. It allows you to save all of your documents or whatever else you want in one folder and then have that folder synced across all of your computers and iDevices. This app is also free so it doesn't cost you any money to get started. When you sign up you get to share up to 2gb of data which is quite a bit when you actually think about it. That is enough for hundreds of documents and a hundred or so mp3s and a few videos if they are small. I use this to keep all my school documents synced across all of my devices.

You can also use it to share larger files with your friends. For instance you can only email 25mb on gmail but when you send it through Dropbox you can load much larger files. I've used it on numerous projects to use movies around and I've loved it so far. In fact Dropbox is great for a large number of things. You could use it for a simple back up. Just leave all your documents that you want to keep in that folder and it will stay backed up online on the servers over at Dropbox.

If you really want to you can pay for a premium service and get a much larger amount of space to store files in. You can pay for 50gb of space or even up to 100gb. This would allow you to store just about whatever you want to Dropbox. You could even put your whole iTunes library on Dropbox and sync it across your computers. You can also increase the total amount you can share on the free version by sharing Dropbox with your friends. So if anyone wants Dropbox they should ask me to share with them!

: Nate Holland :


  1. i agree. dropbox is great. i use it as a combination backup/universal document folder, so that way all my key documents are on any computer and accessible any time.
    also, you can get unlimited storage if you're a dropbox employee. they get sweet perks.

  2. I like the build your own dream computer perk as well as a real DDR machine in the office.

  3. google is better if you know you will have internet and you have smaller documents. But dropbox is the easy pick for anything else.

  4. google does let you edit, but they also process any info in your documents.