Sunday, January 16, 2011

Wikipedia's First 10,000 Entries

I found this cool link which has Wikipedia's first 10,000 entries. Now Wikipedia is huge and every page has tons of information on it but that certainly wasn't the case when Wikipedia was first getting off the ground. Actually Wikipedia was started 10 years ago today so Happy Birthday Wikipedia!

Anyway some highlights that I thought were amusing would be the pages surrounding "Jesus Christ." The original author obviously had a sense of humor. Also Abbreviation is the longest page I have found yet so take a look at that one. Austin also made it into the first 10,000 entries and New Orleans, Boston, and Houston all didn't so that made me really happy. It makes sense because Austin is such a big tech city. In fact Austin made it in before certain states like Wyoming and North Dakota did. That just proves how awesome Austin is.

SomeMetaphysicalQuestions is certainly the most in-depth article I've found on there but I would love to be proven wrong. Please leave comments about any interesting pages you find since I don't have enough time to comb through the entire archive.

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