Sunday, February 13, 2011

Jailbreak Recs

I really like my iPhone. I figure some of ya'll have iPhones. If you are a reader with an iPhone, I assume you enjoy it too. Most people do. To the point: My phone is jailbroken, which isn't illegal, but it does void the warranty. Totally worth it. Plus, if you do need to take it in, you can always restore it back to factory settings. I just wanted to share some of my favorite Cydia (the jailbroken app store) apps.

1. SBSettings This is a program that let's you access most settings really quickly. Swipe your finger across the top and you have instant access to WiFi, Bluetooth, vibrate, brightness, SSH, and any number of things. The program that installs alongside it, Activator, is also really useful, since it allows you to set certain button combos to perform actions. For example, pressing volume down then up on my lockscreen toggles Bluetooth.

2. Weathericon This app does two things. As the name implies, it changes the weather icon to display the current weather and temperature. Now I never open the weather app since the information is right there on the homescreen. It also puts the current weather in the status bar.

3. Winterboard This is an app that controls themes. You have to download the themes, but you can drastically change how your phone looks. All I changed is the lockscreen on my phone, which is now a flip-clock.

4. QuickReply for SMS With this app, you can reply to a text without leaving any app. Saves so much time. The product description mentions bugs, and I haven't ran into any, but some people say when they respond to multiple texts while in another app, only the first one shows up in the Messaging application.

4. MyWi This is an app if you're still on the original unlimited data plan, but want to tether your phone. Pretty simple.

5. My3G I'm not really sure why the three is chillin' with the y. Perhaps I should give the half-vowel another chance. Anyway, My3G is the app you want if you've ever tried to use FaceTime without wifi, or tried to download a big app while out. This can fool any app into thinking your phone is on a wifi network whether or not it is. Just don't try and FaceTime on Edge. That won't end nicely.

Those are some of my favorites, and also ones that I think most people would use. Other popular or interesting applications are AndroidLockscreen XT, AptBackup, Auto3G (which proves that the iPhone still has a lot of trouble switching between Edge and 3G during calls), Cydelete, FolderCloser, No Page Dots, Synchronicity, OpenSSH, Mobile Terminal, and some NES and Gameboy emulators. Suggestions in the comments?


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