Saturday, January 29, 2011

1000th View and Some Stats

So I just had my 1000th view and I wanted to take a moment to tell all my readers thanks for reading! Also here are some interesting stats on the breakdown of who reads my blog. First of all 62% of you use macs, which is really interesting because that is way off the average of the total population. Also 64% use safari meaning that some of you use Safari on a PC. Whoever that is you are silly, who uses Safari on a PC? Also someone has visited with Internet Explorer. I mean really? Are you stuck in the 90s? No one uses IE anymore. I've had ten views from the UK and 5 from Ireland and Mexico which is really sweet so here is a shout-out to whoever that is! A total of 89 different people have visited the blog and on average you spend 3:39 seconds on the blog which is actually pretty long. There are a number more that I'm interested but I don't know how much more you guys (or gals) will care. If you have any questions just ask them in the comments!

: Nate Holland :


  1. seriously, who uses safari for windows?
    and ie isn't that bad anymore, in all seriousness. do i avoid using it, yes, but it's not ie6.

  2. the only thing internet explorer is good for is downloading another browser (chrome or firefox), and its still pretty bad at that.