Sunday, January 9, 2011

Filmmaking // New Years

One of my favorite hobbies right now would have to be filmmaking so I figured I would take some time to talk about it. I recently did a project with a group of friends that in my opinion turned out really great and I wanted to take some time to share what I liked about it.

For one I got a new camera that lets me swap out the lenses on it and that made it a lot of fun. I was able to get some really cool shots with a ultra shallow depth of field like the one without the piano keys lined up. It also let me zoom in without having to stand in really awkward positions. It's also just plain fun to have lots of ways to make a shot. I've always been a fan of having as many choices as possible.

This may sound a little cheesy but having a team to work with made it a lot better. I know there are hundreds of cliches about teamwork but they really are true even in film. For one there are a couple of things in filmmaking that I don't like. One thing that I've never been good at is coming up with the initial idea for a film and then writing the script. Once I have a script I'm golden but until then it's a pain. Also I'm not a huge fan of coordinating lots of people so when someone else can make sure all the actors are there it is great.

Desaturating your films make them look even artsier. Greyson had this idea on our latest film so I decided to give it a try. Oh boy did it make a difference. Everything just looks like it was done in a movie studio (for the most part). It really gave it a cool polished effect. So if there are any aspiring film people out there reading this: Try desaturating your next film.

That's all I wanted to say about this but I figured I
would put out latest video in here. If you want to see any of the other ones they should be on Facebook or Youtube so just shoot me a message.

ReverseHolland Out.

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