Saturday, January 8, 2011

Top Apps // Mobile Mouse

Continuing my Top Apps posts I'm going to continue with a pretty similar but still awesome app. Today we are looking at Mobile Mouse. I think the ideal situation for this app is someone who has an iPhone and a desktop computer or a TVPC. Then you can use your iPhone as a mouse and keyboard on the couch while you watch TV or listen to music on your desktop or PC. You can also get the iPad version for $3. Maybe someone wants to control their TVPC with an iPad? I guess that is your call. The set up was fairly simple but again you have to download another part of the program on your computer but it is free so no worries. This works with Mac and PC which is great.

It also has a sweet thing where you can use the phone like a Wiimote by holding down on the touchscreen and pointing at the screen. I'm not sure how well this works for other people. For me it is cool but not entirely practical. I'll be sticking with the regular track bad mode for now.

One last thing about it is it has built in control for iTunes like Remote which allows you to have basic control over iTunes without seeing the computer screen which is very cool.

ReverseHolland Out.

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