Friday, January 7, 2011

Top Apps // LogMeIn

I've decided to start a series on apps I really like. I'm going to open it up with one of the more useful apps I've downloaded in a while. This first app comes in both iPad and iPhone versions which is great. It is called LogMeIn. This app allows you to use your iPhone or iPad to control a real computer. So you can set it up where your iPad travels with you and it controls a laptop or desktop that you have set up at home. This lets you have access to all your files and programs at home. So if you save a document on your computer at home and you need access to it on the go, guess what? You have it! That has always been a problem for me so I really like this app. Also if anyone asks you to email them something on your desktop you can do it from you iPhone.

To set it up you go to LogMeIn and download the program on your computer and create an account. Then once you've done that the program will automatically start running in the background on your computer. Then you just install the app on your iDevice and then log in and you're good to go! May not be the most fun but probably the most useful.

ReverseHolland Out.

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