Saturday, January 8, 2011

Top Movies // Italian Job

One of my all time favorite movies ever is the Italian Job so I decided to devote a whole blog post to it. I'm going to go through and just talk about some of my favorite aspects of the movie.

Number one: People steal stuff. Let me just be honest and say I just love movies where people steal stuff. I think Oceans 11 and Catch me if You Can. In the Italian job not only do they steal the gold once, but they steal it twice!

Number two: Mini Coopers. In the movie there are four very sweet Mini Coopers. Towards the end there is one great chase scene and we see a vintage Mini earlier on in the film. Also, I suspect that someone involved with the film had a thing for British cars. We see an Aston Martin Vanquish halfway through the film and then again at the end. So this movie covers the car thing better than a number of movies out there.

Number Three: It actually has a story. I know a lot of movies that have car chases that are fun to watch once, maybe twice, but there isn't any real plot to them. After one or two times they aren't worth watching at all. This movie has a story, and a love story! Which means girls might actually watch it, take note fellas. Its also pretty funny. The movie is filled with jokes that lighten up the mood of an otherwise tense heist movie.

Number Four: The Characters. Charlie and the gang are are actually distinct and memorable. Mos Def's character is a half-deaf pyromaniac who's dream is a house in the South of Spain with a room for his shoes. "The Napster" is a prodigy hacker who has no skills with the ladies and allegedly had the code for Napster stolen from him while he was "napping." I doubt many other movies have a characters like these.

I have a bunch of other reasons for liking this movie and I could talk much longer if anyone cares to hear about it. I know it's a remake of an older movie but it's one of the better remakes I've ever seen. I hope you watch the movie and enjoy it.

The Italian Job

ReverseHolland out.

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