Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Top movies // Catch me if you Can

One of my favorite movies that I've watched recently is called Catch me if you Can. Leonardo DiCaprio stars in this one along with Tom Hank and Christopher Walken. This film is another heist film but this one is certainly a different type than movies such as The Italian Job or Oceans 11.

Catch me if you can is different because Frank is really more of a con artist than he is a thief. In fact I don't know that he ever steals anything. However he does write thousands of dollars in fake checks. He also goes on to impersonate a few occupations such as a pilot. I would love to fake being a pilot.

The movie is also pretty cool because you get to see an FBI team chasing Frank across the globe. You see Frank figure a con out and then pretty shortly after the FBI catch on to what Frank is doing. I wish that writing fraudulent checks was as easy in the modern day as is was back then. They didn't have any sort of digital way to check the checks so it took much longer to tell if a check was bad. I won't tell you if the FBI ever catch Frank or if he makes it off with loads of stolen money because you will just have to watch to find out! I hope you enjoy it.

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  1. Or you can read his Wikipedia article. Or his book. True story. As much as any movie can be. Good movie.