Sunday, February 6, 2011

Superbowl Half-Time Show

To be honest, when I heard that the Black Eyed Peas were doing the Superbowl halftime show, I wasn't excited. Boy was I wrong.

First things first. Bedazzling is out. Sorry. I realize that once they got back together, they went techno, but the BEP are supposed to be on the cutting edge. Seriously, bedazzled mics? Anyway, they started and ended the show with I Gotta Feeling, a classic. In between they did quite a few covers, which included appearances by Slash and Usher. That was cool.

Usually bands let people onto the field to watch. Not this year. The Peas had the field filled with dancers, all of whom were in formation and wearing lightup suits that changed color. That and all the Peas were in bizarre outfits which ranged from having lights to LED screens. I've seen better though. They need to consult with whoever does Gaga's stuff. That's quality. Anyway, spectacular show, video when I find one.

Update: I found a video:


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