Thursday, February 17, 2011

Top TV Shows

Here are a few of my favorite TV shows that I figured you would be interested in hearing about. Maybe you'll find something new to watch when you get bored

White Collar: This show is about an ex-con who used to do forgeries and steal art and such. So it may be pretty obvious why I like this show. Anyway, he got caught (this is where the show starts) and how he works for the FBI trying to catch other con artists and theirs and other "white collar" criminals. The show generally consists of the main character (Neil Caffrey) and his FBI agent (Peter Burke) trying to catch criminals. There is also another character dubbed "Mozzy" who is scared to death of the FBI or anything government but he agrees to help on occasion because he is friends with Neil. There is also a larger subplot where Neil tries to find his estranged girlfriend Kate, which os interesting and ties all the episodes together.

Human Target: This show focusses on a team of ex-criminals (go figure) who are now working for the good of the common people. These guys though weren't white collar criminals. The main character used to be a hit man and now he works to save people from hit-men. The first season focused on a team of three guys who all worked together and it was 100% a guy show. (something that White Collar is not) However, in the second season the producers introduced two new characters who are both female. One is the rich benefactress who funds the operations, and the other is the new thief trying to learn the ropes. Also, she is quite attractive. This change in the show has made it a much fuller show and removed the flat feeling of the first season.

Leverage: This show is currently not on the air but a new season will start eventually. This show is also about a group of criminals who work for good now. Sound like anything else I like to watch? However this differs slightly from Human Target because while in Human Target they work as body guards, in Leverage the characters do their work outside the law. The team generally spends their time trying to take down some bad guy outside the law rather than trying to protect a good guy. The team Leo has some interesting characters such as a hacker who is a complete nerd. There is also a thief who has been a criminal for so long that she has forgotten how to function in the real world. The more I think about it the two shows are eerily similar so if you like one you I'll probably like the other.

Top Gear: I've recently started watching this show on Netflix and I love it. The show focuses on mainly cars but also some motorcycles, boats, or RV. Basically anything with engines. The show is British so you would enjoy the show more if you like British humor. I think it's hilarious. Like Hot Fuzz. Maybe there is a blog post coming up... Anyway there are a ton of awesome cars and the hosts are put through. A number of challenges and competitions like racing 18 wheelers, which gets very funny very fast. So if you like cars you will probably like this show, unless of course you hate British people and British humor.

Bones: This is in a different vein from the shows listed previously. This show is more of a crime-solving show as apposed to a crime-doing show. This focuses on a very awkward female scientist called Bones because she looks at bones in order to determine how they died. She is surrounded by a team of scientists and FBI agents who all work to help her catch the criminals. The cast on this show is fairly deep and contains a number of sub-plot lines and complexities which really make the show.

Psych: I really like this show as it is probably the funniest drama I watch. (Top Gear may be funnier but it is just a different type of show) The main plot of this show is that a young man named Shawn was raised by his father who was a police officer to spot small clues in order to determine who committed the crime. This, like Bones, is a mixer mystery show but Psych does it in a much more light hearted manner. The part that makes it amusing is that Shawn fakes having psychic power that he uses to solve the crimes. Over all this isn't a very high brow show but is a bit more slapstick and cheap humor, never-the-less the show is very funny.

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