Monday, February 21, 2011

Daniel Johnston

Since all my posts, should Nate ever decide to publish them, have to mirror Nathaniel's, I figured I'd write about one of my favorite street artists, Daniel Johnston.For the most part, he's actually a musician as opposed to an artist. I don't know his full life story, but supposedly when he began recording, he was working at a McDonald's or something. He couldn't afford a tape deck that could record multiple tapes, so he would simply re-record his album onto a cassette every time he wanted to give one away, which he did with any meal purchase.
He actually became somewhat popular. And in '93, he painted Jeremiah the Innocent, from one of his album covers, onto a wall in downtown Austin. A documentary or two has been made about him, and for a while a rock opera (I think) named Speeding Motorcycle, one of his albums, ran for a while in Austin.

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